Watermelon of Altavilla

Melone di Altavilla

Watermelon of Altavilla produced in the plains in the territory that belongs to the town of Altavilla Silentina, in the province of Salerno, is actually a large watermelon also called “gigante di Altavilla“ (Altavilla Giant) or in dialect “mulunessa”. It can reach a weight of 25 kilos. Altavilla melon is round and covered with a thick dark green skin, sometimes with white stripes, that protects the tasty bright red pulp, sweet and watery with many black seeds. The cultivation is very ancient and to this day it is still performed following traditional methods; the soils are carefully prepared, measuring the water drainage to ensure a high presence of stored water. The seeds are planted in large beds, about a foot apart. The holes are then covered with small quantities of manure and soil that need to be abundantly irrigated.

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