City area

Veduta Altavilla

Situated on a sunny hill at 275 meters above sea level threshold of the "Porta San Biagio" – that was the only entrance of the old country rising from the plain to the place now call "Muraglione") the country founded by the Normans in eleventh century, is situated in an enviable position thanks to the view from Punta Campanella to the west and the Lattari mountains of the Amalfi Coast through all the Sele plain to Paestum. Is usual , on a clear day, enjoy the view of Capri and spectacular sunsets are that you can enjoy watching the line where the sky meets the sea visible. Because its position can be defined as "door of  Cilento." It is the first country in the Cilento area. To distinguish it from other cities with the same name, five in Italy, the village was given the name Altavilla in Cilento. In a resolution of the September 9, 1862 City Council assumed its present name of Altavilla Silentina, because is situated near the river Sele. Altavilla means "city situated on a hill." The origin of the name from Villa that meant the village, hamlet with a church. Being situated on a hill's name is therefore referred to the position. The district is located in the plains and the hill called "the hill of Olives", whose highest point  is called plan of the Roses 423,45 meters.

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