Freedom and movements in Cilento


Moti cilentani

For the second consecutive year the Cultural Association Argonauta present a particular event called "Libertà e moti cilentani (Freedom and movements in Cilento)" which discuss about insurrectional events in Cilento in the year 1799.

"Freedom and movements in Cilento" is an initiative which aims to recall the events of 1799, is scheduled in Altavilla Silentina the weekend of 2 and 3 August, organized by the Cultural Association Argonauta in collaboration with the Mountain Community Calore Salernitano and town of Altavilla
Silentina .

This second edition has been highly successful public was entranced, as well as the representation of the miracle of St. Anthony also from popular music concerts held in queue for two nights but many people have taken to the streets until after midnight.

Once again the members of the association, all professionally impeccable, presented an high quality historical and cultural event which to be proud for our town.

The initiative will be an opportunity to talk about the riots of 1799, and banditry in the years 1828 to 1829, with particular reference to the figures of the brothers Capozzoli.
Two days are divided into a few moments of discussion on the events of 1799 and the effects suffered by Cilento during this historic moment: Saturday, August 2 were held conferences on "The outbreak of 1799: memory, identity, tradition and future" "1799: Onset and popular national sentiment" and finally "1799: Reflections on the territories" in addition to the reenactment of the Miracle of St. Anthony and the popular music concert by Rotumbè, while the next day space is dedicated to music and extemporaneus of people.

We hope best wishes to the Association for a profitable business.

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